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Albert Einstein failed math in school and was a terrible student.

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 Albert Einstein failed math in school and was a terrible student.

Albert Einstein really was a genius.Getty Images

It's an attractive idea for young kids. Maybe you're bad at school, but you can still bloom as a genius later in life.

While examples of late-blooming talents are everywhere, Einstein isn't one. He was an excellent student in math — and everything else — when he was younger.

The myth that he flunked a math class may be from when he failed the entrance exam to the Zurich Polytechnic. But he was still a couple of years from graduating high school at the time, and he didn't speak a lot of French, the language the exam was given in. Furthermore, he passed the mathematics section, but failed the language, botany, and zoology sections.

There are many other myths about Einstein that are untrue. For example, he learned to read early (not late) in life and he probably didn't have a learning disability.


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