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Amazon will buy Macy's before end of 2018

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George Anderson

Months after it was first reported that Macy’s might be on the block, no deal to acquire the department store chain has been made. And yet there’s no lack of speculation as analysts have suggested Macy’s and, for example, would be a suitable match.

As a backdrop, it was reported in February that industry sources had been approached about a potential sale of Macy’s. Hudson’s Bay Company, which owns its namesake chain as well as Lord & Taylor and Saks Fifth Avenue, was reportedly the primary suitor. Subsequent reports claimed no deal could be made as Hudson’s Bay was unable to secure the necessary financing.

For its part, Amazon has made acquisitions of other e-tailers in the past and the company has reportedly held internal discussions about pursuing Whole Foods. To date, Amazon has held pat.

So what makes some analysts believe Amazon should go after Macy’s?

As reported by Business Insider, Oliver Chen, a Cowen & Co. analyst, published a note in February that laid out potential benefits including Macy’s giving Amazon first-party access to new apparel brands it doesn’t currently sell itself. Amazon’s predictive analytics technology would benefit Macy’s in product selection and pricing.


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