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Having clueless Parents is good for Child's Development

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How did being raised by clueless parents affect your development? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights.

Answer by Stan Hanks, CTO of Columbia Ventures Corp, on Quora.

OK, this is a time-shifted answer, but it’s still completely true.

In the 1970’s, in high school, I had zero help from my parents with anything school related. It was well known that unless I went to the local (well, 55 miles away) community college and lived at home, I was on my own. So I learned to be resourceful, resilient, and creative. It was a huge blessing. I needed to take the SAT? Cool, that meant I had to figure out when and where it was offered, how to register, how to get myself there (that turned out to be “after traveling all night 350 miles home from the most brutal football game I’d ever played in which I suffered a concussion, drive home, shower, then drive to a campus 55 miles away, stopping for breakfast on the way, not forgetting to bring extra pencils”). Prep for the SAT? We laughed at the one kid in our school who did a Kaplan course. You either knew this stuff, or you didn’t (I’m a 99th percentile scorer, I guess I can take that approach).


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